Fun Bug (born Jan 7th, 1941) is an American musician, actor, and producer best known as the Co-Founder of The Bug Boys, and Bugbrains, as well as his solo career, which all combined has spanned over five decades of celebrated work.

Early Life (1941-1951) Edit

John Lemonade

John Lemonade in 1959

Fun Bug was born on Jan 7th, 1941 to John R. Lemonade V, and his wife, Sarah Beth Lemonade at General Hospital, in San Francisco, CA. His father was a doctor and his

mother was a schoolteacher at the local secondary college (What they used to call High School in the olden days). Almost three days after his birth, his father was drafted into the Navy as a Rear Admiral, as he was a war hero in The Great War (World War I). When his father returned to California in '45, Fun Bug told his dad he didn't wanna be a doctor, and that he wanted to play music. His father was harsh yet fair, and when he was told this, he supported his son, because he knew that music was on the rise, unlike his mother, who wanted him to have a career that would be stable, like being an Attorney, or a Doctor like his old man. His father believed in him, and got him a guitar for his 10th birthday, in 1951. This was the stepping stone for Fun Bug as he began to develop "The Bug Sound". He was doing this all in Middle School, and by 1955, he had the Guitar down to a science.

High School (1955-1959) Edit

Fun Bug and Triangle Bug, 1958

Fun Bug with Triangle Bug in 1957.

In his first year of High School at Lowell, Fun Bug kinda laid low. He decided that he would try to focus on finding someone who would cut his music on a 45 RPM Record (A Single). He also focused on his studies and made sure that he wouldn't be a slacker. In Sophomore year, he made a friend named Triangle Bug (a lifelong friend and future banndmate). They both played Guitar, Triangle Bug taking a fancy to rhythm while Fun Bug liked lead. They always liked to joke about starting a group, but they didn't have enough people, and everyone thought they were losers at it was so they honestly had no hope of finding anyone, until they met Star and Rec.

Star Bug Yearbook Photo, 1959

Star Bug in 1959

In the spring of 1958, Fun Bug and Triangle Bug were going home, when they saw this place called the Cat's Pajamas Lounge. It was one of those places I guess you'd call a "Teen place" but it looked like a bar, with food, and a jukebox. Inside were these two characters, Star Bug and Rec Bug (short for Rectangle). They talked and came to the conclusion that they were all going to be the best of friends. They kept in touch, and found out that they all had the same idea of starting a band. (Star and Rec went to Mission High, so they all lived relatively close). They decided that they would start a band, and by summer, they were really serious, but they had one major problem... They didn't have a singer.

In the Summer, they decided it would be best to hold an audition for a singer. They also had the brilliant idea to find a female singer, to draw in crowds if they ever got a gig. They listened to like hours and hours of garbage singers and at the end of they day they were going to give up, but as Fun Bug put it in a 1960 article in the Examiner, "Someone glorious emerged from the shadow, and graced us with the most godly singing voice i'd ever heard". This was the first meeting between Fun Bug and Circle Bug. Circle Bug went to Lowell too, but no one ever noticed her, as she wasn't very noticeable. She got the job, and by January of 1959, they were a real band, known as the Silver Bugs, and they got a real gig at the Lincoln High School Winter Dance Party, as an opening act for Buddy Holly, Ritchie Vallens, and The Bug Bopper, the three most idolized rockers of their generation only behind Elvis and maybe Jerry Lee Lewis.

The Winter Dance Party (Feb. 2nd, 1959) Edit

Bug Boys (Feb 2nd, 1959)

The Bug Boys (Feb 2nd, 1959) Only known photo of the night.

On Feb 2nd, 1959, The Silver Bugs played their first gig, at the Lincoln High Winter Dance Party. They were opening for Buddy Holly and Ritchie Vallens, and The Bug Bopper. Their first lineup had Fun Bug on Lead Guitar, and Triangle Bug on Rhythm Guitar. Star Bug was on Drums and Rec was on Bass, while Circle Bug sang. They were received well (not as well as the main show but you know). They were happy with their victory that night and tried to get more gigs, and they got a lot of High School gigs as well as some city stuff.

Cutting a Record Edit

In January of 1960, Fun Bug went to his cousin Sean's birthday party, at Sutro Baths. He was swimming with his friends when in casual conversation, he brought up that he started a band last summer.