Sean Q. Flebendaris is a Film and Music Producer, CEO, and Politician, best known for directing a snuff film named Flow (1971), and for being the first manager of The Bug Boys, from 1960-1969.

Early Life Edit

Sean Flebendaris was born in Mr. D's Mansion on Apr. 20th, 1939. He is the son of Mr. D, his multimillionaire father and his wife, Ms. D. Not much is known about Sean's early life, as he had most of those filed destroyed in 1957, in case the FBI was compiling a list on him. We do know that he attended Mission High School from 1954-1958, and he got married to his best girl Sheila in 1955.

Cousin Fun Bug and His Band Edit

Sean was a cousin to Fun Bug, who also lived in town, and he had heard that he was putting a band together.